Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2

Discussion in 'Fishing Tackle' started by Redneck Ranger, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Redneck Ranger

    Redneck Ranger Rollin' in a Ranger

    Well, just bought a new rod tonight since the tip snapped off my old one last year. I got the Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 from Dick's SG. Anyone ever use one of these rods? Just curious as to how it handles trout, bass, pike, perch, etc... It's the 6' rod and reel combo for $50. I like it a lot so far lol
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  3. bassfishin077

    bassfishin077 New Member

    It's a beast but not sensitive at all
  4. Redneck Ranger

    Redneck Ranger Rollin' in a Ranger

    Yeah, I noticed that. I think it's because of the solid fiberglass tip on it.
  5. nraver6

    nraver6 New Member

    Hard to beat an Ugly Stick.
  6. riverbream62

    riverbream62 New Member

    I used the ugly stick on massive fish caught my flathead on the Shakespeare sureley u could catch fish fish like a bass or trout or something but I agree it's not all that sensitive Good luck mate any tips on fishing just ask me
  7. Redneck Ranger

    Redneck Ranger Rollin' in a Ranger

    Well, it handled a couple bluegill nicely. Hahaha. I noticed it likes to bend a lot, even on a tiny fish like that. Just my imagination or what?


    Ugly Sticks are awesome. I use the Catfish Combos.
  9. hick92

    hick92 Member

    Well they are really flexible but super tough rods I had a 7 ft one doubled over and didn't even get a crack from it
  10. porkchop17

    porkchop17 Member

    Close to impossible to break. Caught bream to 10 lb bass on them. I have NO problem about being careful with them
  11. Catfish , one word :p
  12. colinorleans

    colinorleans Member

    My grandpa is redneck at its fines he has a ugly stik And he likes to bend his I a full circle before he goes fishing and he has never bought another pole every since
  13. colinorleans

    colinorleans Member

    And there is no cracks in the fiberglass
  14. bobkyle2

    bobkyle2 Super Moderator

    If a fishing pole can live with me for 4+ years... Its a good pole lol... I've not had one issue out of any of my ugly sticks...

    Well i take that back.... I dropped the anchor(BIG river anchor probably weights 40lbs lol) on one and it crushed the eye.. But i straightened it back out.
  15. RoadRanger

    RoadRanger Member

    i've got an old ugly stik and it is a pretty great fishing pole. found it in the trunk of a '66 pontiac my dad bought years ago, it's a 6'6" medium action "SP1100" from the late 70's as far as i can tell. been through lots of abuse but not one crack or defect anywhere. i would use it more but it's pretty big and clumsy for me.
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  16. Now that's a story
  17. hoyt

    hoyt New Member

    always loved Ugly Stik
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  18. bassfishrman

    bassfishrman New Member

    Ive just upgraded from a shaky ugly stick to a cabelas proguide. The sensitivity in the graphite is great. Maybe someday shakespeare will make a graphite udly stick. Until then ive found cabelas makes a great graphite rod

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