How Long does fishing line last?

Discussion in 'General Fishing Discussion' started by 93Cobra2771, May 13, 2011.

  1. 93Cobra2771

    93Cobra2771 New Member

    My kids are interested in fishing, so I pulled out my old rods. Line still seams ok, but I'm guessing I need to replace the line. What's a good rule of thumb for lifespan?
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  3. Kids on the Line

    Kids on the Line Founding Angler

    All depends on how much you fish, where you fish and the water. It revolves around water conditions, rocks, trees, banking and underwater obstructions.

    AFSOCSGT Just one more.

    Line is also effected by UV rays, they make the line brittle.
  5. BrianDuckworth

    BrianDuckworth New Member

    alot of factors as previously posted, personally my line gets changed about every 2 months but that is alot of fishing on heavy structure,docks,rocks,brush
  6. Mlarv5

    Mlarv5 New Member

    If in doubt whip it out. Really if it is older then two or three years and has not been used I would replace it, it is just cheap insurance not to lose a fish because of something stupid:yes:
  7. nineinchnail1024

    nineinchnail1024 Redfish junkie

    I've had better longevity out of some brands. I can leave powerpro or braided stren on for years without a problem. If I leave spiderwire on the reel for more than a month it gets brittle.
  8. red1994ford

    red1994ford Sharkbait

    It depends on how long they've been sittin, and what weight is on em.

    Personally, I would replace it, given I have probably 2000 combined yds of 8 and 10 lb line in the closet!

    But its great that your kids are interested in fishin! How old are they? Im 17 and can remember goin to the pond or lagoon with my dad when i was like 4!
  9. Old_Skl_Castr

    Old_Skl_Castr Formerly Old Skl Raptr

    i would replace braid every year. mono last a little longer
  10. Bassintheweeds

    Bassintheweeds New Member

    I replace mono every 2 months cause I can :) and I love the look of new line on the reel. That and I fish heavy structure.
  11. Old_Skl_Castr

    Old_Skl_Castr Formerly Old Skl Raptr

    hahaha. just because you can lol!!
  12. Bassintheweeds

    Bassintheweeds New Member

    Yep:) it also doesn't last long in the heat in the garage in AZ.
  13. Old_Skl_Castr

    Old_Skl_Castr Formerly Old Skl Raptr

    true that. i dont use mono under 80lb on my saltwater rods. everything is braid for me lol
  14. Sid404

    Sid404 New Member

    I replace mine every six months
  15. Hunting080189

    Hunting080189 New Member

    My dad owns a charter boat that he runs on the weekends out of nj and it seems that any longer then 2 years with mono it becomes brittle and takes a set and it currly when you pull it off the reel. If your rods been sitting for a while I would deffenitly change it for the price of mono it's best to change it so you dont have any problems. Nick
  16. jaden

    jaden New Member

    I replace mine ever 5 months
  17. crawford714

    crawford714 New Member

    I replace mine at the beginning of every season. But I would pull on it and if it doesn't break before the rid almost does you're good. It's not like your fishing a big tournament.
  18. eclark53520

    eclark53520 New Member

    I replace mine every season...

    I fish spider-wire almost exclusively and have never had it get brittle...
  19. Old_Skl_Castr

    Old_Skl_Castr Formerly Old Skl Raptr

    i use Powerpro braid and Ande mono for salt and whatever i have on hand for fresh, right now its spiderwire braid and berkley?? mono
  20. Bassintheweeds

    Bassintheweeds New Member

    Can't tell you how many HUGE bass I've lost using spider wire.
  21. nineinchnail1024

    nineinchnail1024 Redfish junkie

    I spooled up with spiderwire once, and only once. I lost 3 reds in one day on that line and kept telling myself it was the way I tied it. It's powerpro or nothing for me now.

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